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Polar Bear (Surfing)

brenden in lj_maps

Welcome to LJ Maps!

One of the best things about LiveJournal is our diverse, vibrant worldwide community. LJ Maps provides the amazing ability to travel the world through the eyes of LJ users across the globe! Instead of reading sterile reviews, you can use LJ Maps to share unique travel experiences, read and comment on various travel blogs, plan new trips and follow the routes of famous travelers. The world is yours to explore!

To celebrate the launch of LJ Maps, we’re giving away limited-time, special V-Gifts to anyone who adds one of their entries to the map during the launch period. Your entry can be anything from a story showing a typical day in your hometown to a post on an exciting trip that you took, however you decide to contribute!

You can read more about how to use the map in the LJ Map FAQ. We hope you enjoy LJ Maps, discover new places and put your mark on the map!


Really, really love this feature, though it would be cool to be able to filter out the "posts" that are just photos, since you can find geotagged holiday snaps anywhere on the internet. It'd also be great to filter by user. I would love to go back and tag all my old posts on a map to see where i've been in the last 10+ years of LJ. A mashup with moods would be cool too - where was i happiest, where was i the most angry? :-)
One of the best things about LiveJournal is our diverse vibrant worldwide community LJ Maps provides

December 2014

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